When it comes to mills, lathes, 3-axis, or 5-axis machines, iCNC is a respected authority in New Zealand. A breath of fresh air in the NZ market, iCNC has introduced a brand of machine that is highly regarded: YCM.

One of the recent purchasers of an iCNC YCM is Mike Thrupp from Flight Group Ltd.

“We looked at all the machines and the YCM seemed the most rigid. The pricing was good. It had the most bang for buck, and was the best option.”

“Rigidity is important for high-accuracy punch sets. We needed the machine to be stable and repeatable, and not have X and Y axis wear. [The YCM was] perfect for accuracy.”

“We needed a machine to run for extended periods, unmanned…the YCM is [now] running up to 120 cutting hours per week, unmanned. Day, night, and weekends. It has definitely measured up, and exceeded what we expected.”

iCNC prides itself on providing top-quality machines that meet and exceed expectations. Call us today to discuss how we can assist you in acquiring the perfect machine for your workshop needs.


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