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The iDirect software that comes with YCM machines is a fantastic tool for monitoring.
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When you have a 24/7 job to run and have to leave your machine running unattended, this software allows you to periodically check on it through the internet. It is particularly useful when complex components are being manufactured: you can keep an eye on the process without having to physically be present all the time.

This gives managers a plug-and-play solution that is critical to keeping tabs on shop activities.

The machine updates can be sent to smartphones as an option, giving you the freedom of mobility while keeping your office in your pocket. You can also download the complete machine history, cycle times, and downtime reports from your desktop computer while monitoring the YCM machine from your office.

A YCM customer learned the hard way why he needed iDirect monitoring software:

“In the past I had no way of knowing what was going on unless I was standing in front of the machine, babysitting it. We’ve really been able to reduce downtime by keeping tabs on the work 24/7.”

He recalls the day when obtaining such a system as this became priority; “I was sitting at my desk working on the computer when an executive tapped me on the shoulder and asked why the machine wasn’t running. I had no idea that it had even stopped. It really caught me off-guard, and I never want to find myself in that situation again. Now that we have this technology on the floor, I’m confident that we won’t.”

To find out more about how iDirect Software can help you manage your workshop, contact the team at iCNC today.


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