iCNC Circular Deviation

At iCNC we frequently test our machines in stock to make sure they’re running at the peak of performance. I happened to look at the Accuracy check table and report for the YCM NXV1020A Vertical Machining Centre, and what I saw pleasantly surprised me.

Almost all of the factory-tested measurements were less than one third of the acceptable tolerance (ISO 230-2). The measured deviation in X/Y/Z was less than 0.004mm, and the circular deviation when interpolating a 150mm radius circle at 1500mm/min was 0.0041mm (see right).

This makes the NXV1020A Vertical Machining Centre an exceptionally precise CNC machine.

iCNC has the NXV1020A Vertical Machining Centre in stock and available for viewings and demonstrations by appointment, and without obligation.

Contact us today on 0800 85 87 84 and come see this machine in action!



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