“Based on the last machine, the next one had to be a YCM…”

In 2014 Roberts Engineering purchased a YCM GT300 from iCNC. It was described by Simon Gallop (Roberts Engineering CNC Technician) as a fast, solid, and reliable machine that exactly suited its purpose.
Consequently, Roberts Engineering, with first-hand experience of YCM quality, decided to add a second lathe to their workshop complement. In mid-December 2016 they took delivery of their second YCM lathe from iCNC: the GT250MA.gt250ma delivery
When asked what he thought of the GT250MA, Simon Gallop replied: “Based on the last machine, the next one had to be a YCM. Delivery was short; we had deadlines and it was installed without a hassle. We provide impeccable service for our customers so why wouldn’t we expect it from our suppliers?
“The first day we got it, Neville (iCNC Machine Technician) hooked it up and it has been producing parts ever since. On time, accurately, day-in, day-out. We’re very happy with both machines. Both have run 100% since we got them.”

YCM places an emphasis on quality in manufacturing its machines. All parts must adhere to stringent quality control requirements, which is easily achieved as the majority of parts are produced in-house. As a result, YCM machines perform to high standards and last longer.
By investing in a quality brand, Roberts Engineering is future-proofing its workshop. YCM machines are fast, solid, reliable, and an asset to any New Zealand workshop.

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