Rodin Cars is a small company based in the South Island that punches above its weight in the world of super cars.

Owned and operated by David Dicker (of Dicker Data), Rodin Cars aims to build the fastest track race car in the world, code-named F-Zero, surpassing anything seen in Formula One.

The company recently purchased an EXCETEK Wire Cutter machine from iCNC to assist with machining work.FORMULA 1 RACE CAR

The Wire Cutter will enable metal to be machined using a series of rapidly recurring current discharges between two electrodes. This allows Rodin Cars to machine complex shapes that are difficult to produce by conventional cutting methods, because there is no direct contact between the tool and work piece. This eliminates the possibility of work tools damaging delicate parts or weak materials due to excess pressure. An EXCETEK Wire Cutter will also enable Rodin Cars to machine hard material with very close tolerances, and a good finish.

David Dicker was recently interviewed by NewsHub about his ambitions. Watch the full interview here.

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