cardboard box
A CEO of a manufacturing firm is faced with a problem. His packaging machines have over a 10% failure rate, and as a result, his company is shipping empty boxes to their customers at an alarming rate.
They bring in a company that, at a cost of 5 million dollars, builds a system that includes a scale that weighs the cartons as they pass, and if the carton doesn’t weigh correctly, shuts down the line. A worker must then walk over, remove the empty carton, and manually restart the line.
The system is implemented, and after a few snags, is up and running.
A couple of months pass and the CEO checks in and sees that the new design system has a 0% failure rate – a statistical impossibility. He consults with department heads only to find out that the numbers are correct. So he heads down the the packaging line to investigate further. Upon arrival, he sees someone has placed a fan on top of a chair and pointed it at the line – blowing the empty cartons off the conveyor. He asks who did this, and one of the line workers admits that he had done it because he got tired of walking over to remove the empty cartons and restarting the line.


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