iCNC has been working with YCM to bring YCM CNC machines to the NZ marketplace.  YCM are a great fit with iCNC due to their focus on adding value, not cost, to your machining processes and providing value for money.

Founded in 1954, Yeong Chin Machinery Industries Co. Ltd. specialises in machine tools manufacturing. YCM has been awarded the certificate of the ISO-9001 Quality Assurance System authorized by Bureau of Standard, the Ministry of Economy Affair in Taiwan. YCM is the first Taiwanese manufacturer to achieve such a certificate. With the core values of quality, technology, service, and delivery time, YCM offers customers remarkable products, perfect service, and punctual delivery time.  YCM runs a very lean machine manufacturing facility, utilising their unique YCM Production System, a system based on the Toyota Productivity System.

By going through the five phases, every participant learns to eliminate all kind of waste and raises the company’s competence by offering customers the products with high quality and the greatest services. YCM strongly believes that constant internal improvements are the best solution for the company to develop sustainably in this competitive environment.

The YCM motto “In Pursuit of Excellence; Always Improving and Refining” has a focus on in-house productivity, this has led to YCM successfully developing the universal milling head, 4/5th axes rotary table, software , i-Operation Plus and i-Direct, YCM STC PLUS and STC SUPER.


Manufacturing technology

YCM invested a great deal of resources and man power in growing its manufacturing technology. The specialised facility of foundry is transplanted from Germany and produces rigid Meehanite® casting iron.

Each casting piece passes various tests, such as high-pressure spray, annealing furnace, and stress release to assure its stability. In the machining factory, YCM imported YASDA, STUDER, and SUMITOMO equipment to fulfill high quality standards of machine parts.

The whole machining line is done in a temperature-controlled environment to assure high quality and accuracy. In the assembly factory, YCM innovated a unique form, which is called “one piece flow.”

This special innovation divides the assembly line into different steps. Each step has unique tasks and personnel assembling CNC machinery. By doing so, the assembly line is easily managed, guarantees punctual delivery time, while decreasing inventory (Just In Time).


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