EXCETEK are the leaders in Wire Cutting Electrical Discharge Machine technology (EDM).


After selling a Wire Cutting Machine to race car builders, Rodin Cars, iCNC has expanded to include them in our range.

In 2016, David Dicker, the owner and operator of Rodin Cars, approached iCNC with a specific set of requirements for a CNC machine to assist in machining parts for super cars (Lotus, Ferrari, and the top secret F Zero racing car). The machine had to be able to cut intricate parts with tight tolerances, and leave a good finish. After consultation with iCNC technicians, Rodin Cars purchased an EXCETEK V500G Wire Cutting Machine.

The advantage of the V500G Wire Cutting Machine is the ability to cut intricate contours and cavities with perfect precision. Wire Cutting Machines work by running a current through a tough strand of wire to cut through conductive materials. It is especially good in cutting hardened materials, without the need to undergo heat treatment to soften and reharden. Wire cutting also has super fine finish technology, and can delivery a surface finish of 0.14mm.

EXCETEK specialises in producing high quality EDM, as well as wire cutting and small hole drilling EDM. iCNC has now expanded to include the full range on offer to the New Zealand market.

To view the range available through iCNC, contact our Machine Sales Department today.

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