If you can dream it, you can make it with the YCM GT250MA!

Size, shape, material, and timeframe are no problem when the YCM GT250MA is put into action. Fast, rigid, and accurate to a T, the GT250MA is one of the best machines iCNC has ever come across.

With new design concepts in rigidity, accuracy, and performance, the GT250MA is highly reliable. Its box-type base provides unprecedented rigidity, keeping it stable during heavy turning. The inner walls are strengthened by a rib design, with chip and coolant separated from the base structure. This minimises thermal distortion of the machine base caused by high temperature of chips and coolant. These aspects work together to achieve flawless accuracy and stability of the machine.

The GT250MA also features an oversized spindle with 52mm bar capacity, 15kW, and an exceptional 51.6 KG F-M torque. This allows roughing operations to be performed on tough material at low spindle speeds. The live tooling has 5.5kW and 3.57 KG F-M making it great for milling tough materials. The turret uses VDI 40 quick change tooling which helps fast change-over times.

Hydraulic pressure sensors allow the clamping force of the chuck to be monitored, to assure the proper clamping of heavy parts. The GT series also includes a standard chip conveyor that can be installed from the right side of the machine, and has an option for a rear side if required.

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