Buckley Systems Limited has recently invested in a brand new SPINNER U-1520. The SPINNER U-1520 was a deliberate departure from the typical machine that BSL invests in, and was picked due to the unbeatable combination of value for money, and iCNC’s stellar service record.

“We needed a new small machine and due to current pricing from Japan for a standard 3-axis we decided to look at what else we could find. We looked at a number of machine suppliers and iCNC came out with the best value for money specifications to match what we already have. This was imperative as we weren’t prepared to take a step backwards in probing options and other machine specs.”  – Paul Bruce, BSL Machine Shop Manager. The SPINNER U-1520 is a double table machine.  One table being 5-axis and the other 3-axis, side-by-side, allowing a machining envelope of over 1500mm.  The machine benefits don’t stop there; the SPINNER U-1520 has a highly desirable 20,000 RPM spindle with HSK 63 taper.   “As far as the SPINNER machine goes, it’s very fast and productivity has increased because we are getting shorter cycle times. This is because with a 20,000 RPM HSK spindle we can zoom around the shape at any speed we like without juddering. One of our jobs used to take 20 minutes and we are now doing it in eight!  Even jobs we used to do on 5-axis machines are coming off in almost half the time when on the 5-axis table in the SPINNER. It was so capable it took a while for the guys to realise how fast we could machine with it.  – Paul Bruce, BSL Machine Shop Manager.

The accuracy is brilliant!

The SPINNER Siemens controller was seamlessly introduced into the BSL workshop primarily due to its easy to use nature. Paul states “The controller and tool data page is great; the ability to probe jobs so easily is critical as we do all our programming on the shop floor.  It was really important to us to have a controller that was easy to learn and use, so in this regard the SPINNER U-1520 has been an excellent investment. “The accuracy is brilliant! With glass scales and HSK spindle we can hold tolerance all day long. The HSK taper is proving that with the double contact taper, we can spend the whole day making a part holding a tight tolerance without having to make any of the adjustments that we previously had to do. The HSK is also allowing us to keep very close step height between tools especially when you are chasing 0.01 or 0.02. I was never a fan of it before because I had never used it, but now I definitely am!”

…the SPINNER has been an excellent investment.

Within a few days of the machine being installed, two or three of us had jumped on the machine and written programs without any formal training.    They weren’t great programs but they worked, and considering it was the first exposure to a new controller in our shop, that was very pleasing.” “We are probably one of a few shops that only had one type of machine, but there was no major concern with changing the type of controller when we saw the Siemens.   In fact in some ways we think it’s a better controller than our current ones.  For example in the shop-mill we can do more, and all the tools are named the same as our existing controllers.” “Overall the reliability has been good; we have had a few niggly mechanical problems – pressure gauge, loose plug, but the service has been great. If a problem occurs an iCNC service engineer has arrived on the same day that we logged the call so we really appreciate that.” “The SPINNER U-1520 is running two shifts at the moment and currently the spindle is running at 19,500 RPM all day long. The SPINNER has definitely been a good investment and the configuration gives us lots of options.  The controller is easy to learn and the guys are enjoying programming and running the machine, and we are getting parts off faster and more accurately in both 3-axis and 5-axis machine setups.” – Paul Bruce, BSL Machine Shop Manager.  

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