Advanced Aerospace, formally known as C-Quip,  is an excellent example of how combining a lean manufacturing philosophy with Spinner machine tools can result in a more profitable business. Advanced  Aerospace began looking for a machine when they realised there were major efficiencies to be had by pulling in house previously outsourced work. Originally three axis machining options were investigated but Paul Hackett (CEO) began to be drawn away from the traditional 3 axis approach and more towards the efficiency case for 5 axis machining recommended by Spinner

Since the recession Advanced Aerospace has pursued the lean manufacturing concept with great vigor. In an effort to reduce their work in process and avoid tying up valuable cash flow,  they pursued the approach of a dynamic just in time manufacturing process. Paul believes that “the key stone of successfully implementing this approach all comes down to your machine rig, and that’s where Spinner comes in”.   Advanced  Aerospace was led to Spinner as they offered tremendous value for money in five axis machining.

Spinner represents the total package combining not just a machine but servicing, tooling and excellent application and programming advice.

He states “ We had confidence that Spinner could service our needs and that the machine could meet our requirements on budget. Craig was in charge of consulting with us through this process and he’s been fantastic.  He’s a great guy.  I enjoy doing business with him as he is straight up, and straight to the point which is what I like. His knowledge of machining has been excellent; he is a real asset to us. Since we have had our new machine it has worked faultlessly and has produced all our items as required on time. It’s really worked”.

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