iCNC: Integrating Machines, Tooling, and Know-How


iCNC was formed in 2009 and boasts an unequalled reputation in the New Zealand market.

 By offering a unique integrated package of value-for-money machines, tooling, and know-how, iCNC has won the respect and on-going business of top New Zealand companies.  Renowned for its service and ingenious approach to solving complex problems, iCNC has taken a fresh approach to machine sales and service. iCNC delivers what really counts.iCNC_Workshop

iCNC delivers the complete package: machinery, installation, tooling, and after-sales support and advice

 The most common problem we encounter when customers are purchasing  a new machine tool  is the time taken from installation to ramp up into full production. This is because most machine tool suppliers do not have the partnerships  to integrate the knowledge required for the machine, the tooling, and CAD/CAM systems to come together in one package. Typically a machine tool supplier will deliver and install a machine and then leave it up to the customer to sort out tooling and CAM. In some cases they will include a standard tooling package of 20-30 tools without consideration of what you really need.


By supplying machines that exhibit quality, value and reliability, iCNC has obtained the exclusive agency for a number of world class machine tool builders.  As a testament to its high levels iCNC_and_CAMEXof efficiency and precision, iCNC has machines in operation with many of New Zealand’s foremost manufacturers.


iCNC established an exclusive partnership in 2009 with New Zealand’s premier tooling supplier, Iscar Plus.  By partnering with a company that has been in the New Zealand market since 1983, iCNC brings incredible synergies, savings and knowledge to the tool up process.


At iCNC we bring together years of experience in CNC machines and tooling with our sister company Iscar Plus. This know-how encompasses the most efficient way to produce a part or workspace; a combination of the correct machine and tooling, and the experience to integrate the two. One without the other, no matter how sophisticated, can turn a good intention into a slow and  unprofitable start-up.

For your complete machining solution, contact iCNC today.

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